I cannot say enough about how highly I value Nicole.  She has transformed my life on two different occasions by rehabbing me from major injuries that had completely sidelined me.  She has also eliminated smaller nagging aches and pains that had bothered me for years.  And now she is getting me back into athletic shape with individualized personal training.  Her skills as a physical therapist are just amazing.  I often tell her that she is a magician.  Her knowledge is so abundant– any obstacle we hit in my rehab, she had a different technique to try– and we succeeded.

There is no comparison to going to a large PT firm that has huge volumes– Nicole’s one-on-one focus and attention, as well as her unique ability, allows her to zero in and really heal you as a whole person– no cookie-cutter protocol– it is what your body needs on that day to heal and strengthen.  And now that I have finally “graduated” from physical therapy from my second major injury, it has been priceless for her to offer guided personal training as a next step– it gives me the confidence to begin to push my body again knowing that she knows the absolute safest postures and techniques.  If something hurts, she immediately adjusts some element or position and I can continue to strength-train without pain or doing harm to set me back. 

I am so grateful for her and to be able to have this kind of a service available– you do have to put in the time and the work, but it is so worth it.  I highly encourage anyone to invest in yourself by working with Nicole and you will be so glad you did.

– Aimee Donaton





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