Hello everyone!

I hope you have been not only surviving but thriving in another week of this shelter in place. Or maybe you are still trying to find your “new normal”. No matter where you are I hope this note finds you well and staying healthy.

It was so great to hear from so many of you after my last post/email! I miss seeing y’all!! I was happy to hear many of you were still doing well and sticking with your exercise routines. It was also great to hear from a few people who were struggling. It gave me the opportunity to work with these people and talk through some strategies that would help. I even saw a few people for online visits to do rechecks and update their exercise routines.

Life doesn’t stop just because we are having to stay home. Now that the initial shock of changing routines and schedules is past, we are setting in a temporary new normal. For some of us that gives us a little extra time on our hands. Because I am not physically treating as many patients as I usually do and my online visits are still ramping up I have had time to overhaul my website (we are still tweaking it but go check it out at www.beckenpt.com), establish the Posture Screen system (allowing me to assess your posture from the comfort of your own home), and catch up on paperwork that had been left undone. Personally I am working on improving my mobility, especially my squat depth and nailing down better form on my lifts, focusing on cleans and snatches. That way when I can finally get back to the gym I will be ready to roll! I will admit it was hard to get focused at first with everything going on but I think I have settled into a nice little routine.

So my question to you is what have YOU been working on? Or if you haven’t had time (which is perfectly understandable) what do you WANT to work on? Let’s be honest. Once you finish watching The Tiger King and Ozark on Netflix, you are still going to have some extra time on your hands. And I don’t mean you have to have everyday scheduled out down to the last minute. Enjoy the downtime. Catch up on your sleep. Spend time with your family. Recharge yourself mentally and spiritually. Just don’t forget about working on yourself physically.

Ok, I just have one more question. How can I help you? Do you have nagging pain that you want to address? Have you suddenly taken up new activities (running, gardening, cleaning closets) and find yourself with new aches and pains? Do you need an accountability partner to keep you on track for your workouts? Or do you just want to chat? I can be there for all of the above (if not in person then online). Just let me know how I can help you.

I hope you have a great week! As always please feel free to reach out by text, phone or email. Take care!

In health